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SAFEWAY PLASTIC PALLET contribute to save resources, cutting down storage and distribution cost by durability and recycleablity of our plastic pallets. Safeway is always aware its role in the conservation of natural reserves towards better environment. 
SAFEWAY will provide the best solutions for your pallets requirement and build the appropriate packaging for your product based on the type of equipment, mode of transportation and destination using plastic as packing materials.
  • Various Plastic Pallet for export industry
  • Light-duty Plastic Pallet for electronic industry 
  • Medium-duty Plastic Pallet for warehouse
  • Heavy-duty Plastic Pallet for every industries
  • Hygiene Plastic Pallet for F&B 
  • Heavy-duty Plastic Pallet
  • Plastic Container for Industries
  • Reinforced-Plastic Pallet for ASRS
SAFEWAY continously improves and shares the benefits in order to go beyond the expectation of our costumers. This efforts is based on the company's vision to become one of primary partnership in supplying pallet solution for every industry. We offer one-way, light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, big size, hygiene, metal reinforced plastic pallets and plastic containers to suit your special requirments. At SAFEWAY we understand your industry and have been supplying problem-solving solutions for pallet since 2003.
Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Printing plants are increasingly converting from wood to plastic pallets for in house use. The benefits over wood include improve hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing in production area, elimination of product contamination from splinters and wood chips, resistance to odors and chemicals, longer service life and lighter weights plus quality and dimensional consistency. From initial contact through email, fax or phone to the completed shipment, customer statisfaction is our primary concern. Our commitment is to provide our customer with service that exceeds their expectations. We employ skilled professionals and staff, using quality materials to package for domestic, international, on-site project, and other industry applications. Expertise in plastic pallet, preservation techniques, professionalism, on-time performence and customized service have earn SAFEWAY the loyalty of our current prominent clients.


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