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Plastic Pallet are made an tested with reference to international standars. However, the perfomance requirement does not cover all conditions foound  in the pallet usages due to various conditions exist in material handling and warehousing. Damage or undersirable result may occur due to improper use & handling of the pallets or in exceed of permitted load as specified in the specifications.

  1. Pallets are design for handling, storage and transporting of goods, do not use the pallet other than its intended pupopse
  2. Do not exceed permitted load as specified in the specifications
  3. Be careful on slippage pallet surface when stained with liquids such as oil & grases
  4. Do not use damage / broken / distorted pallet
  5. Do not modify or do any post-processing such as drilling or cutting
  6. Do not keep pallet close to fire, heater or under hot sun for long time
  7. Do not expose pallet to corrosive chemical,acids or solvent
  8. Do not drop pallet, apply excessive impact or hit with forklift fork
  9. Do not stack irregularly, with excessive concentrated load at center or at one side
  10. Do not rack with pallet skids sit across racking bar
  11. Always consult us when use the pallet in extreme cold and hot condition, in drive - through rack, ASRS system and for special pupose
  12. Always exercise caution when handling pallet to prevent unnecessary injury, accident and damage



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